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Welcome to the blog about an Illinois REALTOR searching for Scottsdale real estate.   Whether you’re interested in Scottsdale homes, condos or townhomes, join me on my journey to find a 2nd Scottsdale home.  Search the Scottsdale MLS to get an idea of prices and what is currently available.

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The Odd Couple at The Don Bluth Front Row Theater, Scottsdale

actor Frank AaronOur friend Frank Aaron loves acting in local plays.  It seems every time we come out he has just finished a run.  Last year we went with our friends Steve Kostakes (a local musician) to finally see Frank appear in Annie at The Hale Theater in Gilbert.  It was fantastic!

Our friend Steve mentioned that Frank was in a play near our townhouse in North Scottsdale.  We gave him a call and he reserved some seats for us at The Don Bluth Front Row Theater.  Looking online, I was worried that we wouldn’t get good seats.  But as we entered the theater we were amazed at the intimacy of the smallish space.  There really wasn’t a bad seat.

I wasn’t too excited about seeing The Odd Couple.  It was one of those movies I saw once, laughed and thought it was funny but never wanted to see again.  Even though I watched the TV sitcom, I wouldn’t watch the reruns.  There’s something different about a play, and I really enjoyed it.  The story was cute and the acting was great with a lot of laughs.  There was a little boy there and he was laughing a lot.

 The Odd Couple Play north Scottsdale AZ

Don Bluth is an acclaimed director and start at Walt Disney Studios as an animator in 1955.  His credits include Sleeping Beauty, Pete’s Dragon, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven and much more.

There will be a Summer Youth Camp for kids aged 8-18 beginning June 2nd and June 30th.  The kids will be in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with performances starting June 24th.  I’d love to see it but we won’t be around at that time.

Don Bluth Front Row Theatre coming attractions

It’s difficult to imagine, but Don Bluth actually produced and showed the plays in his Scottsdale home before moving into a storefront in a strip mall at 8776 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale.  The phone number is 480-341-0841.  You can get season tickets or pay for plays individually.  Refreshments are sold.  The theater is really tucked away in the strip mall and GPS doesn’t help much once you’re in the mall parking lot.  It doesn’t look like a theater – it’s just a store front next to some kind of workout place.

If you’d like to see a live play and keep the performing arts going in the area, make sure to check out the website and go see one or more of their productions.

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Snow in Scottsdale 2013

When I was thinking of purchasing a 2nd Scottsdale home, I checked out a lot of things, including the weather.  I know it has snowed in Scottsdale before but it hasn’t happened since we bought our Scottsdale townhome.  Below is a YouTube video with a shaky vid taken by one friend plus a still picture and a couple pictures taken by another friend that both live in Arizona.  My favorite pic is the photo of the rainbow that followed the snowstorm.

Of course, the Chicago area has a lot more snow that has stuck around for about a week, but all in all, we had a pretty mild winter.  I still don’t like snow and winter and I’d rather have a little snow dust that landed in Scottsdale than what we got here.

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Out of Africa in Campe Verde, AZ

I’ve already posted a video of feeding the giraffe at Out of Africa from our Thanksgiving 2012 visit.  For many of the family it was the first visit.  For me it was my third and second at the new location.

Following is a quick slideshow featuring more than the giraffe.  We started out on the bus tour where you go into one of the fenced areas and see a lot of hoofed animals plus ostriches.  Our second tour was on an open safari ride that took us on the trails and would stop to allow us to get off and get a closer view and photos of the lions, tigers, bears and more, including my favorites, the hyenas.

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There is also a show where the workers actually play with the big cats.  I didn’t get any good photos of that but it’s one of my most memorable experiences, especially the first time I saw it at their original location.  This was the first time we stayed around for the feed truck.  You can walk with the truck as they go to each enclosure and throw meat to each animal.  The animals know the truck is coming and it’s interesting to see them pacing and waiting with anticipation.

Boom Boom the white rhino died

I was very sad to hear of the death of Boom Boom, the white rhino that Out of Africa saved from a man who was bidding against them to use Boom Boom in a canned hunt (where people pay to shoot large animals that are sitting ducks – real brave).  The auction took place when Catskill Game Farm closed down.  I was looking forward to showing him off and telling his story, but he was gone.  Boom Boom died of cancer at the age of 41.  He lived out his last years in a great place at Out of Africa and everyone loved him there.  RIP Boom Boom!

I can’t wait to go back in August and introduce this park to my grandsons, who have never been to my Scottsdale townhouse yet.  We just got home last week from a quick 5 day visit and I wish I was back.  Not happy with our cold Chicago winter!

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Feeding the Giraffe at Out of Africa 2012

I’ve already written a post about my previous visit to  Out of Africa before it moved to it’s new location in Camp Verde.  The last time I visited was when they just moved there and were still building.  I loved it then and it’s even better now.

My family is split between me living in Illinois and my brothers and Mother living in California.  My brother and I both own second Scottsdale homes.  This past Thanksgiving (2012) was the first time we got the entire family together in Arizona.  My youngest brother has visited by himself but this time the whole family came.  It was very special.

I was happy to introduce them all to Out of Africa.  Below is a video of the family and me feeding the giraffe slices of carrots.  A few of us were brave enough to hold the carrot slices in our mouths.  It was a wet experience!

If you’re near Camp Verde (it’s 1 1/2 hours from North Scottsdale) you need to visit Out of Africa.  It is one of the most natural environments I’ve ever seen where you can still get close to the animals.  They put on a show where humans interact with tigers.  We saw the husband and wife owners sitting in the wolf cage petting the wolves.  A worker was feeding a grizzly bear through the fence.  Another was petting hyenas.  This visit we followed the food truck and it was amazing watching the animals getting fed.  I’ll post more photos later.

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Coming Back for Visits

I haven’t written in a long time. I have a lot to say and share but life is busy. We love visiting our Las Hadas townhouse and will be back soon. We’ve had friends and family come with and my brother ended up purchasing a home in Scottsdale so in 2010 we had our first family Thanksgiving together in a long time, although my other brother’s wife and kids weren’t present.

I’m going to add things to this blog about places I’ve visited and fun things to do. Every time I come into Scottsdale we find something new to do or a new restaurant to eat at. We have friends that live in Scottsdale and sometimes they share new places with us.

My next post will be about The Phoenix Zoo. That was my planned post instead of this but I want to add a slideshow and haven’t prepared it yet. I’ll be back soon!

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The Townhouse We Bought Was…

The Las Hadas townhouse!  And here’s what happened:  Las Hadas townhomes

1.  I’m still not sure how real estate works in Scottsdale, but I viewed many units that were actually sold, and we found out that the Chateau De Vie townhouse already had an accepted contract.

2.  The Aventura townhouse was in auction and we would have had to wait quite some time for the auction to end.  Again, we didn’t find this out until after writing the offer.

3.  The Las Hadas townhouse was the only one that hadn’t sold yet out of our top three choices.  Since it was our last choice we made the lowest offer on this one, and to our surprise the out-of-state owners accepted it!  Woo hoo!  We were on our way to owning a piece of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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