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Casa Granada Townhomes

The last one on our list for our first viewing of Scottsdale condos for sale was a unit located in the Casa Granada Townhomes complex.  We nicknamed this unit the “shoe” because the photo showed the park located outside the townhouse which had a children’s slide in what appeared to be a shoe (like the […]

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Chateau De Vie Townhomes

Viewing the Scottsdale townhouse at Heatherbrae House 2 gave us hope that we could find something we’d like.  But we didn’t like that one enough to call off the search.  So our next stop was to view a Chateau De Vie townhouse.  The funny thing is, this was another one I threw in towards the […]

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Heatherbrae House 2 Condominiums

We were excited to view this Scottsdale condo for sale located in the Heatherbrae House 2 Condominium complex since it offered 3 bedrooms, a living room plus a family room and 2 bathrooms.  There would be plenty of room for our guests. When we pulled up to the complex I was a bit disappointed again.  There […]

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Casita Real Townhomes of Scottsdale

After seeing our first place, a Park Orleans townhouse in Scottsdale, AZ, our next stop was to the Casita Real townhomes located on Indian School Rd in the 8500-8600 range.  There were three on our list and two of them were the lowest priced units we were going to see.  One kept reducing as I watched […]

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Park Orleans – Our First Stop

The first unit we looked at was a ranch style unit we chose at Park Orleans in Scottsdale, AZ.  We threw it in at the end as it only had 2 bedrooms, but it had a family room that we figured we could put guests in to sleep.  It was listed as a townhouse.  We […]

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Our Shopping Trip

I’ve mentioned how I hate to fly.  But this was a more than usual exciting trip.  Every time I fly it is usually for something fun and exciting such as a vacation or having a fun visit with my family in California or an exciting trip for a real estate seminar, etc.  Flying to Arizona […]

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