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Snow in Scottsdale 2013

When I was thinking of purchasing a 2nd Scottsdale home, I checked out a lot of things, including the weather.  I know it has snowed in Scottsdale before but it hasn’t happened since we bought our Scottsdale townhome.  Below is a YouTube video with a shaky vid taken by one friend plus a still picture […]

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Coming Back for Visits

I haven’t written in a long time. I have a lot to say and share but life is busy. We love visiting our Las Hadas townhouse and will be back soon. We’ve had friends and family come with and my brother ended up purchasing a home in Scottsdale so in 2010 we had our first […]

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Presidio Condominiums, Scottsdale AZ

On day two of our showings my husband had to practice for the New Year’s Eve gig so I went out with my REALTOR to see if there was anything interesting. Our first stop was to the Presidio Condominiums which was the only gated complex we viewed.  Our agent was very knowledgeable and professional but […]

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Village One Townhomes in Scottsdale, AZ

Before our appointment for a Village One townhouse we visited properties near the Old Town area.  We then headed north. Most of the units we viewed were older and not quite the southwest style I was expecting. That is, until we arrived at the Village One complex. These were built in 1983 and I guess […]

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Choosing Our Scottsdale REALTOR

I had a dilemma most buyers wouldn’t.  I knew too many Phoenix area real estate agents.  Most of the agents I knew had great websites that were ranked high on the search engines.  Because of that, I assumed they were heavy hitters. I wasn’t sure which one I should choose.  And I wasn’t sure if […]

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The beginnings of our Scottsdale condo search

I’ve mentioned before that I have a handful of Arizona real estate agents to choose from.  Most of them were heavy hitters and I wasn’t sure I’d even be working with them personally or if I’d be working with one of their buyer agents.  I wasn’t quite ready yet so figured I had time to choose who […]

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