Coming Back for Visits

Coming Back for Visits

I haven’t written in a long time. I have a lot to say and share but life is busy. We love visiting our Las Hadas townhouse and will be back soon. We’ve had friends and family come with and my brother ended up purchasing a home in Scottsdale so in 2010 we had our first family Thanksgiving together in a long time, although my other brother’s wife and kids weren’t present.

I’m going to add things to this blog about places I’ve visited and fun things to do. Every time I come into Scottsdale we find something new to do or a new restaurant to eat at. We have friends that live in Scottsdale and sometimes they share new places with us.

My next post will be about The Phoenix Zoo. That was my planned post instead of this but I want to add a slideshow and haven’t prepared it yet. I’ll be back soon!

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