Feeding the Giraffe at Out of Africa 2012

Feeding the Giraffe at Out of Africa 2012

I’ve already written a post about my previous visit to  Out of Africa before it moved to it’s new location in Camp Verde.  The last time I visited was when they just moved there and were still building.  I loved it then and it’s even better now.

My family is split between me living in Illinois and my brothers and Mother living in California.  My brother and I both own second Scottsdale homes.  This past Thanksgiving (2012) was the first time we got the entire family together in Arizona.  My youngest brother has visited by himself but this time the whole family came.  It was very special.

I was happy to introduce them all to Out of Africa.  Below is a video of the family and me feeding the giraffe slices of carrots.  A few of us were brave enough to hold the carrot slices in our mouths.  It was a wet experience!

If you’re near Camp Verde (it’s 1 1/2 hours from North Scottsdale) you need to visit Out of Africa.  It is one of the most natural environments I’ve ever seen where you can still get close to the animals.  They put on a show where humans interact with tigers.  We saw the husband and wife owners sitting in the wolf cage petting the wolves.  A worker was feeding a grizzly bear through the fence.  Another was petting hyenas.  This visit we followed the food truck and it was amazing watching the animals getting fed.  I’ll post more photos later.

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