Out of Africa in Campe Verde, AZ

Out of Africa in Campe Verde, AZ

I’ve already posted a video of feeding the giraffe at Out of Africa from our Thanksgiving 2012 visit.  For many of the family it was the first visit.  For me it was my third and second at the new location.

Following is a quick slideshow featuring more than the giraffe.  We started out on the bus tour where you go into one of the fenced areas and see a lot of hoofed animals plus ostriches.  Our second tour was on an open safari ride that took us on the trails and would stop to allow us to get off and get a closer view and photos of the lions, tigers, bears and more, including my favorites, the hyenas.

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There is also a show where the workers actually play with the big cats.  I didn’t get any good photos of that but it’s one of my most memorable experiences, especially the first time I saw it at their original location.  This was the first time we stayed around for the feed truck.  You can walk with the truck as they go to each enclosure and throw meat to each animal.  The animals know the truck is coming and it’s interesting to see them pacing and waiting with anticipation.

Boom Boom the white rhino died

I was very sad to hear of the death of Boom Boom, the white rhino that Out of Africa saved from a man who was bidding against them to use Boom Boom in a canned hunt (where people pay to shoot large animals that are sitting ducks – real brave).  The auction took place when Catskill Game Farm closed down.  I was looking forward to showing him off and telling his story, but he was gone.  Boom Boom died of cancer at the age of 41.  He lived out his last years in a great place at Out of Africa and everyone loved him there.  RIP Boom Boom!

I can’t wait to go back in August and introduce this park to my grandsons, who have never been to my Scottsdale townhouse yet.  We just got home last week from a quick 5 day visit and I wish I was back.  Not happy with our cold Chicago winter!

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