Presidio Condominiums, Scottsdale AZ

Presidio Condominiums, Scottsdale AZ

On day two of our showings my husband had to practice for the New Year’s Eve gig so I went out with my REALTOR to see if there was anything interesting.

Our first stop was to the Presidio Condominiums which was the only gated complex we viewed.  Our agent was very knowledgeable and professional but I chuckled when she couldn’t find the entry to the complex.  She had been there before and I guess we drove past it.  I was glad that I’m not the only one who has trouble finding condo complexes sometimes.  Buyers assume we’ve shown every single property out there and every single subdivision/complex.  But a single agent can only show so many properties and an agent like me, who works in a very large area, can only view so many properties every year.

The address for Presidio Condos is 9600 N. 96th St., Scottsdale, AZ  85258.  We viewed this because it allows renting and pets.

I loved the gated and well maintained community and it had the style I wanted.  The unit was beautiful (and also at the top of our price range).  It was updated and neutral and I’m sure someone else appreciated it.  But to me it had no charm.  Looked like something I’d show back in Illinois.  I don’t want to be in Illinois, I want to feel like I’m in Arizona, even on the inside of my place.

I passed up this beautiful unit and I think my agent understood that we preferred older and/or unique places with charm.

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