The Townhouse We Bought Was…

The Townhouse We Bought Was…

The Las Hadas townhouse!  And here’s what happened:  Las Hadas townhomes

1.  I’m still not sure how real estate works in Scottsdale, but I viewed many units that were actually sold, and we found out that the Chateau De Vie townhouse already had an accepted contract.

2.  The Aventura townhouse was in auction and we would have had to wait quite some time for the auction to end.  Again, we didn’t find this out until after writing the offer.

3.  The Las Hadas townhouse was the only one that hadn’t sold yet out of our top three choices.  Since it was our last choice we made the lowest offer on this one, and to our surprise the out-of-state owners accepted it!  Woo hoo!  We were on our way to owning a piece of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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